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Celiac Or Not - Please Help

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Well, I am not a medical professional, but imho, if you have truly been 100% gluten free (check your prescriptions), and are not better, then go back on gluten and see how you feel.

Or, the opposite approach, go off of any non-life or death medication (that includes birth control and tylenol) and eat a basic 4 Food diet (rice, meat, vegetables, and fruit) for 4 weeks. Then start adding food back in one food a week at a time (corn, dairy, nuts, wheat) to see how you feel. I'd put money on the fact that your medication is part of the problem. You are on a lot of nasty medication, many of which may be masking how you truly feel and giving you few benefits.Of course, only do this under the recommendation of a doctor.

If wheat doesn't appear to give you a problem after introducing it into your diet, then you most likely don't have celiacs.

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