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Vitamix Or Bread Machine

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We bought a Cuisinart Bread maker with the gluten-free baking option, but haven't used it yet. We're also considering getting a Vitamix to use to grind grains, make smoothies and soups, etc. I know that these two items don't do the same things, but I don't feel that I should spend the money on both right now. Which unit would you find more helpful in your life?

I haven't made any gluten free breads yet, are they hard to do in the oven? I used to make homemade bread all the time and have a Kitchenaid to knead and such. But, I thought I read that you don't have to knead gluten-free breads. Is that right? Is a breadmaker really worth the money?

Those of you who grind grains with your vitamix, do you like the consistency of the flour it makes?

Thanks so much!!


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