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Anyone With Success With Gaining Weight By...

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How long have you been gluten-free? If the gluten is still in your system you may have trouble gaining weight. Try enzymes and probiotics...they are very vital with absorbing the nutrients of your food. I know a great brand Enzymatic Therapy you can get them at the Vitamin Shoppe and probably other health food stores as well. They have probiotics as well. They are small and easy to swallow(I have a hard time swallowing pills and these are a piece of cake)

Peanuts are a very good high calorie thing to eat.

Ensure Plus is a good fill in snack and I have one every morning and night(they are 350 a bottle and the bottle is 8 oz.)

Amy's has a gluten free pizza out now...and most pizzas I have tried are gross but this is actually good and they are very high in calories

Amy's also has Mac and Cheese that is gluten-free and it's got 410 calories for this small serving and the mac and cheese is delicious as well. Amy's is a good brand.

For weight lifting you could always try creatine. I tried that for a little bit and it seemed to help along with the other stuff I was having. At the vitamin shoppe there are also weight gaining supplements.

Make sure that you are having enough calories ...if you want to gain weight you should have about 500 extra calories a day then what you usually have and you will see a difference. I gained 15 pounds back in a matter of 3 months after eating extra calories, and of course staying off of gluten.

Also make sure to take vitamins because some of what goes with Celiac is malabsorption so vitamins are also vital

Hope I helped :) E-mail me if you need any help finding anything

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