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Help! Another ? About My Blood Work

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So I posted my test results before, but here they are again:

Gliadine IgA 2, range is <7

Gliadine IgG 8, range is <7, RESULT IS HIGH

Then, underneath, is this:



IgA: <3 mg/L


<3 yrs: 30 mg/L

>3 yrs: 18 mg/L

What does that mean?????? Are those *my* ranges or are those "normal" ranges for whoever "normal" people are? If those are mine, does that mean my IgA is low? I thought they didn't do a total IgA because nothing said "Total IgA". But I got to thinking I don't know what else it would be. If it *is* a total IgA on me, then is it low? Cause if it is then it would explain why the other IgA tests were negative. The doc had NO CLUE what the results meant (he didn't really even order the test, I saw a different doc, not my primary care doc when I went in the first time). Still waiting on my referral. I'd just try and call the lab, but the tests were run at a lab in Germany and I have no idea how to get in touch with them, and so far contacting the lab at the hospital here on base in Italy has not helped at all, they are just as clueless about celiac as the doc. Any help greatly appreciated!

Nancy, slowly going nuts waiting for an answer

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

I interpret this as that your results are in the grey zone. Sometimes labs are cryptic....

the reference range means the population refernce range, and that means that when they take 100 people, and take away the results from the top 2,5% and bottom 2,5% tis results in the refernce range.

The reference range in the top results, in your reaults, marked with < and a number, means that they reopt the results just as the manufacturer of the test has written, and that means:

1. your antigliadin IgG antibody test is above range and the antigliadin IgA test is negative,

2. the results found when they tried these tests on 100 random blood tests leftover from cholesterol screening or some other activity in the lab.....this is really stupid, that they incuded this, but I have seen things like that other places too.

It is not possible that this says anything about total IgA or total IgG, as the refernce range for IgA looks different. There is a bottom and a top for total IgA and total IgG.

Sometimes the people in the lab have no clue about what they do.

You still lack the most specific tests for celiac, tissu transglutaminase IgA and IgG version, and the total IgA, and the anti-endomysium test (but it is possible they discontinued this test in favour of Ttg)

I am in Norway and they often just do the ttg IgA and total IgA nowadays.


gluten-free since may 06 after neg. biopsy symptoms went away and DH symptoms which I had since 03 got gradually better.

daughter officially diagnosed celiac and casein intolerant.

non-DQ2 or DQ8. Maybe DQ1? Updated: Yes, double DQ5

Hypothyroid since 2000, thyroxine first started to work well 06 on a low-carb and gluten-free diet

Lost 20 kg after going gluten-free and weighing 53 kg now. neg. biopsy for DH. Found out afterwards from this forum that it should have been taken during an outbreak but it was taken two weeks after. vitaminD was 57 nmol/l in may08)

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Thank you for your explanation. It makes sense, though I agree that it is strange to include it! They did do the Endomysium IgA test which was negative, but w/out a total IgA I don't know if that is valid.

I finally got my referral put through from the doc, now I'm waiting to hear back from the GI with an appt. There are two hospitals I can go to here, one has a doc that specializes in celiac, so the referral lady requested that I see him if it all possible, I guess it depends on how soon each doc can get me in. Plus he is at the hospital that I know how to get to lol! I'm hoping the GI doc will do a tTg A and a tTg G and a total IgA. My doc seems to think he'll scope me too, but we'll see.

Back to the waiting game.


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