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Night Sweats, Night Terrors...when Did They Stop?

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My daughter is 3 years old. She's always been a poor sleeper, rarely sleeping through the night. However, she's had night sweats frequently as well as night terrors almost nightly. She's a very restless sleeper! She was tested twice via bloodwork for celiac disease. Initially her IgG's were elevated (52), but the others were all negative. The ped GI feels confident that she does NOT have celiac. He's diagnosed her with inflammatory bowel disease.

We took her off gluten and dairy in November. She started sleeping MUCH better. NO night sweats. Night terrors still occasional, but not as frequent. She recently had back to back illnesses, stomach flu followed by a nasty upper respiratory infection. She wasn't eating much and complained frequently that her tummy hurt (meanwhile she's gluten-free). Anyway, long story short, we gave a small amount of gluten (bread, few cookies) as well as some dairy (4 oz yogurt, soy cheese) based on the pediatrician's recommendation. She felt it was more important to get her to gain some weight at this point. She's great, so I'm not knocking her. I think she feels confident in Natalie's IBD diagnosis and feels celiac has been ruled out.

Okay, finally getting to my question. We decided to take gluten out again. It's only been a few days. Just wondering if any of your children have had the same sleep issues...and how long it took to improve. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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