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Anyone Been To Il Fornetto In Brooklyn Ny?

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I went to a celiac walk on Sunday at Little Bay Park in queens. I won a $100 gift card to a wonderful restaurant, il Fornetto, that I used to go to before finding out I had celiac disease. The owner's wife was there and isnt ever at the restaurant so she couldnt give me too much information. I know for sure they do not have a gluten free menu but she told they will accomodate me and cook my food plain/naked if they have to. They want to understand celiac disease and be able to accomodate their customers so they sponsored the walk. i thought that was really nice. So has anyone been there with a gluten free experience? I kind of just want a big broiled lobster with butter, a baked potato and veggies anyway, so that would be fine to eat regardless probably. I'll splurge on lobster on my rare occasion that i won something.

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