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Legal Sea Foods Restaurant


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I ate tonight at Legal Sea Foods and they have a new wheat and gluten free menu. They were very accommodating on the phone when I called to inquire, and wrote "gluten free" next to my reservation. The menu has many choices, I had shrimp in a garlic sauce with white rice. Really good! The staff was excellent, checking on me several times and at the end of the meal the hostess came over to discuss the menu with me and told me I was the first person to request it. I told her I would pass the word. :D

Kathy C.

Ft.Lauderdale, Fl.

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I've yapped about Legal Seafoods a number of times here and I'm glad you brought it up again, they deserve the good word. The restaurant is very interested in helping people with all sorts of food issues. I am gluten-free and my daughter has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and reactions to all nuts.

Legal is one place we both enjoy going because they take our issues so seriously. Although they don't have a nut free menu, the manager always comes over and speaks to us about things my daughter can eat. They speak to the chef and the mark it down on the bill. Every experience I've had there has been wonderful and the to top it off the food is great!


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This is my first time posting to any message board but I want to help get the word out on Legal's. Many restaurants will put out a list of gluten-free options from their menu but Legal Seafoods goes above and beyond that! They have created a specific gluten-free menu that is presented at your table. They have specially purchased gluten-free items such as crutons and flours specifically to accomodate the needs of a gluten-free diet. They have modified some of the recipies, you can even order fried haddock.

Once you notify the waitstaff of your needs a domino effect occurs. The waiter informs the manager , who informs the kitchen manager, who informs the cooks. Steps are taken in the kitchen to avoid cross contamination. A whole procedure is followed. All areas of the restaurant are put on notice.

My husband and I were shocked at the experience we had. The staff was completely supportive and didn't miss a beat, unlike most places that can't be bothered with your diet restrictions. It was the first time I enjoyed eating out since being diagnosed about five months ago and can't wait to go again.

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