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Good Experience With British Airways

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I had a very good experience with British Airways coming back from London Heathrow to New York JFK very recently. As a caveat, I was sitting in business class (Club World), which had very good service in general -- paid for by my employer of course :)

I had ordered the gluten free meal via their website and didn't expect much based on past experiences with other airlines. First of all, when they came around to take orders, they knew I had ordered the gluten free meal and had told me that it was coming.

I then got a tray with a salad (olive oil only as the dressing, but still not bad) and grilled asparagus and zucchini with some cheese (parmigian? which I didn't eat). It came with a decent gluten free roll that did not contain wheat starch or any other questionable ingredients.

They then came out with a gluten free vegetarian pie -- basically similar to a shepherd's pie with beans and spices in a tomato based sauce. It was very tasty and filling and definitely not what I was expecting. I didn't have a reaction to anything except maybe a little gas from the beans :)

For dessert, they gave me a braised pear with rasberries in a light syrup which was very good.

For the "afternoon tea" course they had a gluten free smoked salmon sandwich, but I was still so full that I didn't take it. They also came around with some cut-up fruit and cream. Overall, a very good experience. I'll definitely try to fly them again for my next business trip to the UK.

For anyone travelling to London, I highly recommend the Marks & Spencer Simply Food shops. They have a ton of prepackaged foods, many of which have simple ingredients which are gluten free. I really appreciated that they had several chicken and turkey options without sauces that could be added to salads. Definitely worth checking out for a quick meal to go.



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