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Do You Lose Your Marbles?

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I'm still working on a diagnosis (possible celiac, also possible fructose malabsorption), but I definitely know what you're talking about. The intense cravings for crappy simple carbs & gluten (chips, sweets, etc) can take me to new levels. I've been thinking quite a bit lately about the correlation between foods I crave & foods that hurt me. I definitely have found a strong link in my world between binging on sweets & being an a$$hole the next morning.

side note: this morning I took the first B vitamin I've had in a while & now (4 hours later) I have noticed a major improvement in mood & energy. Now, I'm sure an arguement can be made for placebo effect, but it's a start.

The last 2 weeks have been kinda rough for me. Everything was under control, but had noticed some flare ups here & there recently. I received a message from a board member just recently & got back on here. Once I logged in & started reading a little, it was kind of depressing as the realization settled into me that this is something I will probably never be "cured" of.

I have no idea if this will help but.. go read some IBS horror stories, before I was tested for celiac disease I was going insane thinking it was IBS... which is like terrible pain at random or when you eat.. anything lol now that I am pretty sure it isn't that, celiac disease seemed like a blessing xD (controllable is what I mean)

Gluten Free since Xmas 2010


Current Auto Immune Diseases:


Celiac Disease, Interstitial Cystitis, IBS, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, I'm playing life on Hard Mode.


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Yessss! Me too! I go 'crazy'. I'm normally calm, easy-going and very polite. After eating gluten I'm just foul to be around- I can't cope with anyone in my space, I cry and have rages, I feel like I'm wading through treacle just to get on with my daily chores.

I tend to completely over-react to things that normally wouldn't affect me. Like someone pushes in front of me in a line and so I shout at them then burst into tears. I'm a teacher, and I've cried in class 3 times in the last year because of gluten, when a student doesn't listen to me or something that would normally be like water off a ducks back. I feel like my 'frequency' has been turned up, thats the best way I can explain it, everything irritates me, people, noises, I even hate the water on my skin when I bathe.

If I'm 'not right' the first thing my man says is 'what have you eaten?'... haha.

I'm very interested in the esoteric angle to this discussion. Does anyone have any articles about this? It is also something that I have experienced (seeing ghosts), especially when very tired.

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