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Girl Diagnoses Herself B4 Doctors Do

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Ok-so it's Crohn's and not Celiac, but the point is the same....DO YOUR RESEARCH AND TRUST YOUR "GUT" yes, pun intended. ;)

Anyway, after being tested by doctors and evidence disproving her instinct, she still followed through and got her answer.

I know SO many of us here have dealt with false-negatives in being tested for Celiac or gluten intolerance.

I've been tested several times and there's been NO evidence of gluten intolerance.

BUT, I have not had a drop of gluten in months and have had NO symptoms since-skin is better, GI is better, sleep is better, energy is better.... I feel like a COMPLETELY different person.

Great article.

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not sure why the link isn't working, but if you just google "teen outsmarts doctors in science class" it should take you to the article. :)

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