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Dh Or Not?

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Hello Everyone,

I have been on a crazy medical roller coaster which began in late January of this year. I have had lots and lots of symptoms that mimic celiac disease. And of course I was tested for it (blood test) and it showed negative, therefore, my doctor has already ruled it out. However, I have not.

When my symptoms first began I had this strange sore on my belly. It was about the size of a pencil eraser top. And it was almost perfectly round. It was white in the middle with a red ring around it. And it lasted for 2 weeks and it itched like crazy. It also peeled of in layers. I have never seen anything like it before. I have already thought of Lymes Disease and have been tested for Lymes 2 times.

I went to the doctor for it and he said t was a fungus and that I just needed to put cortizone cream on it and I would be fine. Well, shortly after this I started getting all kinds of symptoms. I have been to the doctor over 12 times and the ER once. Throughout my journey they have diagnosed me with severe vitamin d deficiency. I tested a level 6, and I was put on 50,000 iu once a week for 3 months. Although this has really helped it has not cured me. I also have low vitamin B levels, and I am now getting weekly shots of vitmain B. I have been gluten free for one month. And I am now going dairy free.

I just turned 30 and I would like to know what is going on with my body. It very frustrating that the doctors I have seen can't seem to figure it out. Recently I started seeing a homeopathic doctor, and he put me on a detox program. I am willing to try just about anything to feel myself again.

Thank you for any responses,

TIFF :rolleyes:

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