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Ok, so heres my story and problem, I am also new to this so bare with me. I was having gallbladder problems in Jan. of this year and while testing me they found out I had celiac. So i had my gallbladder removed the end of Jan and early Feb i was officially diagnosed with celiac, everything had been fine i was very strictly following the gluten free diet and about 2 weeks ago starting having pretty signifcant muscle cramping and spasm thinking i had accidentally eaten something i blew it off. Well it became worse so i went to the gastro doc and he told me i could have IBS, and is treating me with an anitspasmatic which seems to be working, but i just wonder if this has happened to anyone else? My personal opinion is that i think me stressing constantly about if the food i am eating is ok and if i still have some problems eating greasy foods and I have GERD from years of damage going undiagnosed. I was wondering maybe if the stress was causing tummy issues. Has anyone else expirenced this?

I am only 25 and cant imagine this for the rest of my life please help!

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