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Conceiving Whilst On Gluten Challenge

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I am presently 2 weeks into my 6 weeks gluten challenge after 2 months of gluten free.

My husband and I had decided, prior to this, that this would be the month we would finally get around to trying to start a family (I am 34).

Could the challenge effect conception, could it effect the early stages of growth if I managed to get pregnant right away?

Any thoughts or advise on this subject would be great. We are just so keen to have a family.


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yes, it could make it harder to conceive. and, if you do have celiac, would make it harder for your body to absorb the proper nutrition that you and your (potential) baby would need. I would really encourage you to wait that month, especially if you strongly suspect gluten intolerance and plan going back to being gluten free.

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