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Grest New Book!

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I just read a new book called The Gluten Effect by Dr. Vikki Petersen. I am g intolerant, not celiac and this book really delves into all the autoimmune reactions to gluten....how they are caused, how as many as 5 in 10 people may be gluten sensitive, etc. They get into the scientific stuff in laymen's terms so that I had a new understanding of it. I've passed the book on to a friend who i just know needs to go gluten free. I think this book will help to convince her to try it and see if her symptoms abate. There is a really great chapter on how gluten affects the adrenal glands and what that does to us. I can't recommend this book enough! It just reinforced and explained in easy to understand terms exactly why I have to be strict with the gluten. The new research is very exciting. Maybe someday my regular doctor will catch up! This should be required reading for all clinicians. The authors run a clinic in California and also have a blog called The Gluten Doctors, which is very informative. This is how they describe their blog:

The Gluten Doctors - Who are we?

The Gluten Doctors are a group of several doctors, consisting of M.D.s and Certified Clinical Nutritionists. The doctors have been in practice for over 20 years and specialize in the area of digestive problems, especially gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. The clinic, HealthNOW Medical Center, is a unique medical clinic that combines the best of internal medicine, clinical nutrition, physical therapy and chiropractic. At your side is a team of doctors who proactively work together to resolve your unique health problems and conditions.

What really sets HealthNOW apart from most medical clinics, highlights a very unfortunate fact about the medical industry.

HealthNOW is about what every medical clinic in the world should be: finding and fixing the root cause of health problems.


Here is a link to an article by Dr. Petersen " What is the difference between celiac and gluten sensitive?"

I think we may see the mainstream medical doctors come around once they understand the new research.....and more people will be diagnosed and helped.


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Hey I just noticed that up there on the right, where it talks about subscribing to The Journal of Gluten Sensitivity ( used to be called Scott Free i think) the cover article is by Dr Petersen and it's all about gluten and your adrenal glands!


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