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I Don't Have A Food Processor

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i want to try a pizza dough recipe that a friend gave me but it says to put all ingredients into a food processor and mix until it forms into a big ball of dough. i don't have a food processor or a blender - just a cheap-o hand mixer. can i use the hand mixer or will it not come out the same?

oh, i do have a bread machine with a pizza dough setting but i don't know if i can use this particular recipe with the setting? the recipe just says mix in the food processor until it forms into a ball of dough and then press into a pizza pan while the bread machine will knead for 20 min and rise for 30 min?

please help...i really want some pizza!!

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I think any method that gets it thoroughly mixed will work, even by hand with a spoon. The food processor will speed it up and do a good job, but as long as all the dry and wet are well combined you should be okay. If you use the bread maker I would take it out after the mixing and skip the raising step, then follow the directions that came with the mix. You can try the hand mixer, but sometimes these doughs can be too dense for one of those - the xanthan gum that holds it together can really get gluey once it's wet. I'd start with a wooden spoon and if it's too hard, use a mechanical method. My opinion only, let's see what others suggest.

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