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Truly Allergen Free Hearty Pancake Recipe

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When first diagnosed with Celiac disease, I also found I had leaky gut syndrome (caused by the celiac). Consequently, my allergy list was (and still is) huge - potato, corn, rice, egg, dairy, grape, apple (pectin), beef (gelatin), etc. 75 foods and food additives! Talk about frustrating! All the pancake recipes and flour blends I found used pototo or rice flour and I wanted a low carb diet, not a no carb one. The chickpea and sorghum flour based recipes just didn't taste right. This one does! This has become a staple for me and I just felt I needed to share it. Enjoy!

Hearty Whole Grain Allergen Free Pancakes

Makes 3-4 pancakes

Sift together:

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