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Hi everyone, I have read and posted lots but I wanted to get people's feedback about liquid iron as opposed to ferrous gluconate pills.I have really bad annemia from celiac disease and my ferritin levels had been chronically low. The biggest symptom I would get from the annemia is being constantly chilled to the bone. Another problem I also have is trying to gain weight. At the time of my diagnosis I was approx 130lbs(not sure cause i was too damn scared to get on the scale) I stand 6"5" so people can see how serious the problem is. I follow the gluten-free diet to the letter, keep a diary,and consult with my dietician and family doctor constantly.

When I got the pathology report I was diagnosed a 3(destructive) on the marsh scale.

I'd appreciate any feedback

Thanks in Advance


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Hi Mike,

I only take liquid vitamins, taking the regular tablets is pointless for me because I just don't absorb them. How long have you been gluten free? I remained the same weight for the first six months or so, but then gained about 7kg (a lot for someone who is 5ft1) over the next six months. I have been gluten-free for about a year and a half and am now finally at a normal weight for my height...I guess what I'm saying is that it takes different people varying amounts of time to get back to being healthy. Good luck.

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