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New Problems Since Eliminating Gluten

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This is my first post here. I was wondering if someone may have some experience with this. I am a self diagnosed gluten intolerant person. I started the gluten-free diet in the beginning of July of this year. I have seen a complete reversal of some chronic health issues after stopping the gluten.

I have had two problems come up since this though. Whenever I have EVER stopped eating wheat (I've done it before when doing a low carb diet), I become constipated. I suspect that for MANY years I was self medicating with high fiber cereals and breads to keep my bowels running regularly. It doesn't matter how much water, fiber, or exercise I get, nothing keeps me as regular as wheat. I have pondered upon why this is my situation and have wondered if it could possibly be a dairy problem? Anyone experienced this or have some thoughts as to why this is happening?

Another problem I just recently had a problem with is premenstrual spotting. I chart my cycles and I started spotting on 8 days past ovulation which is totally abnormal. I spotted all the way up until my period began. Actually, it was difficult to determine when my 'real' period began because my periods always start with light spotting. I have a theory that this may be related to some vitamin deficiency I may be experiencing since adapting to the gluten-free diet. Have any other women experienced menstrual irregularities since going gluten-free? I'm wondering if there's some vitamin regimen people on a gluten-free diet need to be on to make sure we aren't deficient? I was thinking that I may not be getting enough folic acid because that is added to breads which I used to eat almost daily.

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