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Sensitive, Sore Skin- Feels Like Sunburn

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From time to time I get this and I wonder if it is related to celiac disease. Does anybudy know?

There is no mark or rash on the skin at all and it lasts for a few days (2-4 days). It feels like a sunburn, and it is super sensitive (to, say, clothes rubbing against it.) The slightest touch feels like sandpaper. It happens maybe 2-3 times per year.

I googled it and found it appears to be quite common, but nobody seems to know what it is or what will help it. I saw lots of possibles: fibromyalgia, lyme, neuropathy, vitamin defiiciency (B 12) and even MS were mentioned. People report it on their arms, legs, back and torso.

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OMG! I'm having this happen as we speak! It's been driving me crazy. It's along one side of my tummy and all the way around to my back on the same side. :o No clue what the heck it is but its the first time I've ever experienced it. Weird....

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Another of the possibilities I saw was "post-herpatic" nerve pain from shingles. Gosh, I just don't know-- part of me kind of doubts that. Somebody else thought it could be a trapped nerve. And I do think it must have to do with nerves somehow. Yet mine doesn't feel that serious- just annoying really.

It is definitely an internal pain (under the skin)-- not from dry skin, say. Creams don't help. I tried vitamin b-12.

Mine is gone now (I think it just ran its course), so hopefully yours won't last very long. Mine was a "wrap around" pain too-- it got my right leg, then moved to the hip and into the small of the back.

I am very curious about this phenomenon. On the website where I found the long list of person after person who reported this pain, many of them mentioned going to the doctor for it and being met with blank stares or being treated like head cases. I have never told a doctor about it, even though it visits me on a fairly regular basis.

Sound familiar? It reminded me so much of the kind of reaction people here report getting when asking about celiac or related autoimmune disorders. And there are so many undagnosed celiacs out there-- I just wondered if there wasn't a link of some kind.

Thanks for replying to this. I saw lots of people had read it but nobody else seemed to know what I was talking about.

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