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I Think I Just Got Glutened

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Ok, I'm freaking out. I went to Carl's Jr. to get my delish gluten-free natural cut fries and an avocado burger with lettuce wrap for lunch and made sure they knew I couldn't have wheat at all and to change their gloves, etc., etc.

I got back to the office and tore into my burger (usually I carefully check it first) but I was hungry and five bites in before I realized there was no avocado and it was covered in sauce. They gave me a teriyaki burger.

I've been accidentally glutened quite a few times in the past year since I was diagnosed, but never on purpose, and I never realized before the pain started. So to realize this as I'm swallowing teriyaki-coated burger freaked me out. I threw the burger away and am trying to work while I freak out about how the teriyaki sauce was probably not gluten-free. I called the Carl's Jr., but the manager didn't speak the best English, though he did say the bottle didn't include wheat as an ingredient. But what if he was just in a rush or it had soy sauce as an ingredient? I don't know what to do and I really don't want to make myself sick over this if I'm not glutened, so I don't know if the bubbles going on in my guts are gluten or nerves. I only ate those bites maybe 20 minutes ago... any advice would be great. Knowing that you might be in terrible pain soon because you were too hungry to check your food is a miserable experience.

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I just checked the Carls website, and the Teriyaki burger is not listed as one of the gluten-free choices. One has to assume that their teriayaki contains wheat through the soy sauce, since the gluten-free soy sauce is ridiculously expensive, so you are probably glutened. I don't know of any ways around it, but I would suggest you drink lots of water and take some enzymes and probiotics. I am not sure if it would help, but it couldn't hurt.

I hope it's not too bad for you :(

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