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I have been reading as much as I can since being directed by a naturopath to go gluten and diary free for an 8 week elimination diet. I have had the blood panel done 2 times in the last couple of years - it comes back negative. I really want something more difinitive than 8 weeks of hoping I've hunted down all the gluten in my life, and then just seeing how I feel. I've had this problem my whole life (except for the sudden weight loss) is 8 weeks going to "fix" me enough to know whether this is gluten related or not?

Here is the big questions I would really love to get some response on. If it is true that unchecked lifelong gluten "sensitivity" can lead to celiacs, and if celiacs can be identified in the genes, doesn't it stand to reason that anyone with gluten "sensitivity" will also have the genes for it??

If I have already begun the diet and can't get a endoscopy for a while yet, wouldn't genetic testing be the best way to go? And how reliable is the genetic testing?

Thanks so much, Michelle

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Well...there is no specific "Celiac Gene". There are some identified genes that CAN be associated with Celiac as well as other autoimmune disorders.

Thirty percent of the general, non-Celiac, population also carry the gene. If you carry the gene, it is no guarantee that you will ever develop Celiac.

The gene testing can rule out Celiac, but it cannot rule it in.

If you are considering further testing, it's best to remain on a full gluten diet.

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