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Is It The Gluten Or The Ph That Gets Us?

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I started getting more into PH after reading some alarming issues that I knew nothing about. Low P.H. level in the body actually tear the body apart much like people undiagnosed with Celiac Disease. I grew up on a diet of meat, mash potatoes, bread, milk and beans. Sounds like a well rounded meal. WRONG. Everything is an acid. Then I would get up for school and have corn flakes in milk. ANOTHER ACID BOMB. Then I get to school and have a burger or whatever the school was offering.. Acid. Throw in the daily coke and my whole life is a car battery.


Ever noticed after Thanksgiving, everyone is tired. It's not the turkey that is doing that to us. It's that ALL the items: mash potatoes, turkey, bread, stuffing, canned veggies are an ACID. Now your body goes into danger mode and starts searching the organs for Alkaline to boost the PH levels.

I started eating El Pollo Loco: chicken, mash potatoes and pinto beans and water. Then I'd have yogurt for breakfast and a few walnuts in the afternoon. I thought I was doing great until I found out that all those things are... you guessed it. ACID. I think some of the people who test negative for Celiac are actually feeling better because the gluten is pegged on the acid side which lowers their PH. Removing that acid bomb ups the PH iin their body. So I guess, even though you are eating gluten free, you can still be eating like your not. It's not the food thats gets you. It's the combination. PH IS HUGE






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