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Hi there

I found out that I have a gluten allergy about 7 months ago im almost certain that I have celiac disease because of a life time of symptons that fit the description . I ll explain.

As im sure you already know the " I went to the doc and the doc said ive done every test and well i think its in your head" Well that was me i had ibs lactose intorelance pains sleepness crankiness depression acid everything they just kept giving me another pill for.

Im 27 now and 7 months ago got really sick with gastridits.

The doc said bland foods crackers pasta breads...... well months go by im getting sicker my face is looking like a pizza pie im in so much belly pain under the right rib cage i cant sleep getting fat. Were like WTF so someone mentioned celiac and then someone else .( in the mean time i had tests done endyscope(not spelled right) well test came back and the doctor who did the test wrote chronic damage (years of damage) the other doc who was telling us whats going on said oh its nothing.

Well i went for the rast test they said i have gluten allergy and with the chronic damage to the small intenstine im assuming celiac. My rast result was (F7g) dont know if anybody knows what that means if so please let me know :)

With in two days of going gluten free i felt like a new person i felt better than i had in years!!! I lost 30 lbs my face cleared out im feeling much better.

The only thing i live in greece and well the testing of celiac isnt known and the food is unavailable.So i have my parents and friends send me stuff and today i found a site in gernmany that delverys and isnt so expensive.

Thanks for listeining.

Kristy :)

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Welcome Kristy!!

You are most definitely not alone...many of us went years with docs running blood tests that come back normal, normal, normal...only problem is this is not in our heads and unfortunately many of us have to get extremely sick and have major damage to our intestines before doctors finally stumble on Celiac or we find it on our own.

Very glad you are feeling better...this is a great site to find all the info you need to stay gluten-free or just to come and chat or vent with others that understand.


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