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Sweet Potato Casserole And Other Thanksgiving Dishes

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I need receipes for gluten free and dairy free thanksgiving dishes. This is my first year.

Sweet potato casserole is my favorite

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Here is how I make my husband's favorite sweet potato dish:

- boil up, drain, and mash sweet potatoes (about 6-8?)

- add a little orange juice (about half a cup?)

- add some cinnamon (a few teaspoons), nutmeg (half a teaspoon), any other spices you want

- add some brown sugar (half a cup to over a cup, depending on how sweet you want it)

- add some egg (about 2)

- beat everything up well and spread into a pan (9X13)

- bake at 350 for about 40 min

- put a layer of small marshmellows on top and bake for just a few more min to melt them.

As you can see, I don't usually follow a strick recipe, just kind of throw everything together. So much depends on how big the sweet poatoes are, how big the eggs are, how much spice and sugar you like, etc...

have fun!


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