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  1. I had blood work, biopsy, DNA testing and all came back negative, but the diet is about the only thing that makes me feel half way good. I can eat gluten and I pay the price for it. The doctors told me its a hard life to live on this diet but its alot easier to deal with this than all the pain and days of throwing up and rashes.
  2. Can anyone help with product list of items you can buy at walmart target i have to drive an hour to whole foods and its getting a little old, plus i would like more variety and going through all my products and getting strict about what i use. List with food, makeup shampoo any product would help thanks
  3. Hi I know there are tons of discussions about bread machines on here but they all seem dated, does anyone have an updated suggestion on bread machines, i really dont like baking i just need to able to stick the ingredients in and go im looking at Breadman 2lb Stainless Steel Breadmaker w/Nut &Fruit Dispenser on qvc for $78 any thoughts on this one or can suggest another one thanks
  4. GIunknown

    Rain Forest Cafe

    I see people saying they have a good experience with rainforest cafe. Im making a trip to Nashville, Can someone please tell me what I can order instead of just the good experience
  5. I need receipes for gluten free and dairy free thanksgiving dishes. This is my first year. Sweet potato casserole is my favorite
  6. GIunknown

    Sleeping Too Much

    Is there any combo of vitamins that have helped anyone? I slept 28hrs last Thursday and Friday. I go tomorrow for food allergy testing.
  7. Hi, This is my first time on here. I actually tested negative for celiac disease. However for the past 3 years i have been to numerous docotrs, specialist and other options trying to find out whats wrong with me. Im getting ready to have food allergy testing. Ive been on the gluten free diet for about 2months now (cause it seems to have alot of my symptoms) and it is the only thing that has made me feel remotely better, Ive only been sick twice in the past month versus everyday. Im 22 years old and I feel like im an 80 year old. Im so tired all the time. I want to take naps in the middle of the day, im ready to bed at 9pm and barely wake up to make it to up at 9am. (i sleep til like 830). I stay cold, im always prepared with a sweater or a jacket. Does anyone have suggestions to not be tired or what it may be? ive been tested for anemic ive been tested for celiac ive had thyroids tested im not diabetic ive had endoscopy, colonoscopy, hida scan, disida scan, ultra sounds, cat scans, CT scan i had my gallbladder removed Thanks for the help