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Should I Have Enterolab Test Me Instead Of My Physican?

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i'm seeing my doctor next week but i am also thinking about going through enterolab after reading about them. i need to know that i've exhausted every possibility regarding gluten. its hard to get a doctor to truly listen because in the medical field now a days it feels like we are "herded" through the office like a bunch of cattle. he was skeptical but willing to start testing me for celiac and this was what my results were from quest diagnostics lab:

ttg antibody, ga: my result <3 units u/ml ref range <5

gliadin antibody (iga): my result 8 units u/ml ref range <11

iga, serum: my result 343 units mg/dl ref range 81-463

did he order a full panel? i noticed some people have ema and total iga and i don't see that with mine.

if anyone can help me interpuret the results i would really appreciate it and know what to ask the doctor. is the next step an endoscopy and genenic testing? or should i just pay enterolab ... is it really more accurate? after all these years of symptoms i want to know the source and i want it validated on paper. maybe i shouldn't be so worried about that though, i just want to be healthy! i feel like my son is having many of the same issues as i am and i don't want it to take years to discover.

thank you in advance for your help ... this is an encouraging site and fantastic resource!!!!

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The most accurate test result is a positive response to a gluten free diet. After all the testing, frustration, confusion, medical bills et. the only thing that will matter is whether you feel better when you don't eat that junk.

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