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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have the short fifth finger but didn't find anything when I googled so do you have a link to share?
  3. I'm finding it very interesting that regardless of the laws in place we are not able to trust the labels. We have to rely on common sense and each other.
  4. Lays potato chips Classics got me a couple of times. But it was a couple of times out of hundreds of servings. When I have the choice I buy Better Made instead now because they are "Made in Michigan" with Michigan (and several other states) grown potatoes and have stopped using soy oil. A company...
  5. Her symptoms are so different from mine that I'm totally lost on wether this is a gluten reaction, a yeast reaction to the antibiotic or an allergic reaction to something (meds, foods, campfire smoke?). So anyone out there with IC that experienced painful bumps on the back of the tongue?
  6. Hi Ladies, A quick question. A friend Kayla (17 yr old girl) was dx'ed IC awhile back. She went gluten free right away. All the symptoms went away. It was to good to be true right? Well she gave herself a gluten challenge by eating two chicken McNuggets. The symptoms came right back, she took...
  7. It's always been obvious to me that the women who are morbidly obese and have very thin hair and open sores are malnourished. I'm just a Mom, a dr should know better than to assume that a overweight person can not be malnourished. According to my WII I'm overweight. I lose weight quickly when...
  8. Hi, Just wanted to say I didn't read for the Jerry Springer/train wreck trill. I'm still trying to learn and haven't made it past the corn chips yet but hope to make it to a safe glass of wine or pink drink on a date night. Your story is a good warning to me as I never could drink more than...