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  1. OptimisticMom42


    Hello Shan, Boy, I haven't been here in a long time! I lived here when I was first diagnosed. So here's the thing...... it seems really sudden but as you get well things will go away that you had gotten used to or had attributed to other...
  2. OptimisticMom42


    That was my first thought also. The doc didn't seem to think so (until it hits 100). I think he should wear clothes pins on his nipples until he agrees it's time to treat. That way we can share the pain! And he should eat nothing but...
  3. Hello Ladies, It's been awhile since I've been here so I'm hoping you will excuse my absence and answer my question anyhow. Around about Dec. I started having heavy periods, breast pain, swelling, hard nipples that itch intensely....
  4. I always assumed it was the same hormones that tell your body to empty before going into labor. I have the opposite problem, I tend not to go the week before and have to be diligent about my diet (no corn, cereal ect.) that week. So right...
  5. OptimisticMom42

    Food Stamps

    They have some good ideas. I liked "make a menu" and "cook like grandma". Grandma has been making gluten free potato soup for the kids. That sounds wonderful right now. Think I'll call and ask for her recipe. Thanks RA
  6. OptimisticMom42

    Food Stamps

    I drive past a Sav-a-lot on my way home from work. I've avoided it because the floors are always dirty and there are no bags but I guess I'll have to give it another shot. My neighbor used to take me to the Kroger an hour from here when...
  7. OptimisticMom42

    Food Stamps

    My friend fell and won't be able to go back to work for awhile. Not sure he'll have a job when he is able too. No insurance. This whole year has sucked. We have been doing the rice and cheese but it makes me dizzy so I think my sugar is...
  8. I'm looking for ideas on how to be gluten free on a budget. And I'm serious guys there isn't any money to send away for cases to save money per box. If I had hundreds to spend I wouldn't be asking. We use to eat macaroni, ramen noodles and...
  9. OptimisticMom42

    Your Most Mortifying Bodily Function Story

    Loving this thread LOL. For me the gas is the worst. I cleared out an entire video game store with one fart! It was silent, but all the customers left and the clerk stepped back from the counter as I walked up. My son's face was so red but...
  10. Our journey started with a fellow celiac noticing the itchy bumps on my elbows. I was diagnosed by my immunologist. He said the reactions were so obvious he didn't need to test me. My son's blood work came back negative, three times...
  11. OptimisticMom42

    How Tall Are You?

    I agree the age at the time of onset would affect height. I'm 5'6", the tallest woman in my family. Didn't get sick until over age 30. My kids had weird allergies and stuff from early on. The boys are just over 6' and the girls are still...
  12. I've posted this info here before but for those who are new..... My now 19 yr old son was diagnosed as bi-polar and celiac after attemping to end his life by crashing his car. He has gone back and forth from eating gluten and hearing voices...
  13. OptimisticMom42

    What Can I Take For Help With The Itching?

    I take liquid children's benedryl and use hydrocortisone cream. It stops the itching pretty well for me.
  14. I'm not a good cook so I just buy my bread at Meijers while I'm there getting my gluten free waffles. I like the flax seed one they have in the frozen food section. And then I get to look for new shoes
  15. OptimisticMom42

    New Here

    Because you are a caretaker for so many others, I think that learning about being gluten free is a really good idea. If you are caring for 80 girls chances are that at least one of them needs to be gluten free and that if she gets sick you...