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Manioc (tapioca)flour

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I tried a pre-mixed manioc(tapioca)flour pizza crust and had to cook it for much longer than recipe said just so it wouldn't be dough-y. It ended up being super super hard and crunchy on the edges and bottom and in the center of the pizza had the stretchy-ness of fried mozzerella sticks only dough-y and tasted good but texture was horrible. Any suggestions for a better consistency of pizza crust?

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Was it a chebe mix by chance? I personally don't like that mix but I do make homemade brazillian cheese bread and love it. It is supposed to be a little chewy. We have them when we have pasta. I tried using my basic recipe for a pizza crust and I didn't like the results at all. It did not rise nice like the cheese bread balls. I am hooked on a crust I make out of coconut flour. Here is a link to the recipe if you are interested.


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