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Heard Of Custom Probiotics, Inc?

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I'm wondering whether anyone has heard of or used probiotics from Custom Probiotics, Inc., based in California? Someone recommended them to me, and I'm considering trying their CP-1 product, but it is very pricey, so I was hoping to find out first whether anyone else has had experience with this company and their products?



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Hi Alison,

I used them, and I started in December. They have really really helped me. I just got another order. I don't buy the CP-1 (50 billion) though, I buy the four strain (200 billion) and the bifido bacteria (400 billion) one. It costs me A LOT, but I was so, so sick before that it's totally worth the money for me.

I like the powder because I find if I empty them in my smoothies, they seem to have a greater effect on my well-being. Previous to this I was using Udo' choice high potency probiotics (74 billion) in my smoothies and that was helping a lot. That's why I decided to go with custom probiotics, I was asking myself if very high counts was what I needed to heal.

From all I've read, probiotics are a very personal thing. Different people do better with different strains and dosages. Custom probiotics seems to work fantastic for me though.

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