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Celiac And Gluten Intolerance

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Question, is undiagnosed gluten intolerance what causes someone to become a celiac. Because there body got so damaged by the gluten that it turns into Celiac. I need some clarity here, because I haven't been able to find any clear answers out there.

Also, my 19 month old has been on a gluten-free diet since 3 weeks of age via breastfeeding. Lots of family members with it (see previous topic) I have people tell me that i should have him tested or biopsied to know for sure.

Why would I bother testing if his sympotoms were many and severe. I would never want to put him back on the gluten diet again and cause him to suffer. I feel like it would be torture. His Grandmother was diagnosed with Celiac before she almost died from it and we have others in the family that have had symptoms dissapear after on gluten-free diet. Do you think there would be a benefit to testing him, if so, why?

I would like to see some studies done on family members linking celiac. Because seems that this whole family is suffering from it, including my husband and I am wondering how genetically strong it is.

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