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14 Weeks And Counting.....No Change Yet!

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Hi- I have been doing gluten-free for 14 weeks and notice no change. My GI doc feels I would have gained weight by now and that its probably not a gluten issue and feels this is long enough of a trial, however my rheumatologist (i was diagnosed with lupus origionally) said sometimes it can take quite a while before one feels a difference. My symptoms are joing pains, muscle pains, horrible skin rashes, on and off bowel symptoms (bloating, gas, constipation), 17 pd weight loss in last year and development of neurological symptoms. In the past, years ago I had a positive antigliadin test, however my biopsies have always been negative including the one I had right when I started this. My thought is that if it was bad enough to cause 17pds weight loss and severe neurological issues that it would have been a positive biopsy. But the doctor still wanted me to try gluten free due to the symptoms. Has it taken anyone else more than 3 months to see a change? getting ready to give up but wanted to really give it a thorough trial- and yes, I have been strict with this- no cheating, reading labels and cooking from scratch, not buying "boxed" or premade "gluten free foods". I have never eaten healthier! but feel minimal change!!

any advice would be helpful.

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