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Daily Hives And Dh Not Going Away!

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Hi all! This is my first post and I am hoping for some help!

After 4 years of suffering with chronic hives and stomach issues I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease. I have been gluten free for a little over 2 months. However, my hives and DH have not cleared up, in fact the DH has gotten slightly worse! I have had a few slip ups where I have accidentally gotten glutened, (resulted in headache and extreme fatigue- far worse than before I went gluten-free- has that happened to anyone else?) but for the past month I have prepared all my meals myself and have recently gone to just eating meat and vegetables. I have changed my make up, soaps, detergent, etc.

Does anyone else have this problem? Does it just take a while for it to go away?

PLEASE HELP! My doctors are useless and think the hives are not related to Celiac's..but I am convinced they are!!

Thanks for your help! :D


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Have you eliminated dairy products? I have been gluten free for 6 weeks and now dairy affects me really bad, just like being glutened. If you haven't I would remove dairy next. Hope you feel better!

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Yep celiac disease causes hives. I found that out because somebody else posted about hives on here and I said that hives are only caused by allergies (in my ignorance) and that they should get allergy tested.

Then I started researching out of curiosity and found that autoimmune disorders, especially celiac, can cause hives quite frequently.

Accidental glutenings take their toll on you and it just takes time to heal. Be careful like you are already doing and then give it some more time. I agree about dairy. I cut dairy and soy, and I'm eating simply to let my digestive system heal. It's just so irritated and easily flares up right now.

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