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Blood Test Done Yesterday...Egd Thursday.

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I posted once before thinking Celiac Disease was a possibility. I saw my new GI dr and have to say was very impressed with him and that he actually listened to what I had to say. He ordered the blood test and scheduled the biopsy which is Thursday. It was hard for him to ignore my symptoms given the fact when i was in his office the right side of my face was swollen from a sore in my mouth, my hands were swollen from arthritis and i was basicly a wreck. I wait till I just cant put off going any longer before I even go to the dr. Its so frustrating. What I didn't like was that he said I may need another colonoscopy when I just had one a year ago. He requested the results but said if no biopsy was done then I would need another one. He said Crohn's is still a possibility. He gave me a few prescriptions but the only one I am taking is the one for the heartburn. I dont want anything to effect the test results. I hope when I go in on Thursday that the results from the blood work will be in but I think that would be wishfull thinking.

If anyone know's of any questions I should ask, please let me know. I do feel my problems are due to Celiac more than Crohns.

I do have a couple questions. They may have nothing to due with my GI issues but feel it wouldn't hurt to check with you guys. 1) Do you sweat easily? Occationally I will wake up in the middle of the night with the neck of my shirt soaked and get hot very easily when I do most activities. 2) I have a rash on my ankles. Always noticable when I get out of the shower but fades as the day goes on most of the time. Anyone else get this rash? It's like pink/red "spots".

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