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Being Diagnosed

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Since my gluten free diet doesn't seem to be working so well anymore (after 8 months) I decided to go to the doctor. She sent me to take a blood test and I'm still waiting for the results. She told me that through several tests it would be confirmed whether or not I had celiacs disease, but I thought these tests were fairly ambiguous, and that a negative didn't necessarily mean that the patient was definitely not gluten intolerant. I'm all a bit confused really. Could someone please explain the different tests, outcomes and meanings?

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Hi Lissm,

First off you have to be eaying gluten for the "OFFICIAL" Celiac test to be positive. You need to be eating gluten equivelant to about 2 pieces of bread for at least 2 months and even then it might not come back positive.

Enterolabs will only tell you if you are gluten intolerant and you do not have to be eating gluten for that.

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