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Anyone Ever Tried Triphala (Herbal Therapy)? Other Herbs?

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^ Some of the better links I've found. Been taking this (Planetary Herbal tabs) since last monday and it seems to be helping out. Unfortunately there really isn't that much indepth info on it, so even though some people give dosage advice there really isn't enough actual detail considering it's been around for thousands of years.

Personally, I've been taking a lot. And while that does cause some mild irritation and gas, at least it's obvious that it comes from the herb itself and that it will go away soon enough (like overnight). These berries seem to be helping a lot, especially with hydrating my innards which seemed to not be absorbing very well. I'm also not sure if there is a blockage or not but that bulky feeling in the lower abdomen (my WORST enemy. I HATE being uncomfortable by just sitting down.) seems to be getting withered away more and more. IME these have been much more successful than even probiotics, digestive enzymes, and even simply adding more fiber.

As for the other herbs, I have some kelp coming in that I hope to test out just to see if getting more iodine would help. Coconut oil is not an herb but another one of those things that are both proven to be good yet kind of gathered a snake oil-ish reputation because of the huge fad that it went through a while back. Picked up some last night and have been just using it in the place of cooking oil, so hopefully at least some of these things along with time will make my stomach feel better. Lately it's been sooo inflamed and frustrating.

Even if these don't work as intended, they still are really good choices. Especially coconut oil (very good deals found online) because it has so many good uses. The triphala also seems to have a lot going for it and at least has a ton of easily absorbable vitamins. Kelp at the very least makes your hair pretty.

What is also good is the feeling of at least having some treatment and an idea of progress to look forward too. This way you send positive feelings to your stomach rather than feeling pissed that it's acting up just to act up.

Hopefully this helps some people, and if anything has helped already please chime in. There isn't a lot of reliable info out there regarding these things! Lots of websites also like to cut and paste info that was already posted and it's not even clear if the original person was correct or not.

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