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  1. Hey all I've been struggling with this for a long time and have been living without gluten, dairy, peanuts, most grains and watching for cc to the best of my ability. Now I'll try going without soy again and definitely cut out fructose/honey (very bad shooting pains which never happened before) until I can be absolutely sure they aren't causing harm. But there are still phases where things seem to build up in my stomach and just keeps continuing rather than going away like it should. For the last few weeks I've been feeling pretty lousy, tired, the stomach symptoms listed above and with very frequent sweaty hot flashes (male). I'm not diagnosed diabetic but still felt like I needed to keep my blood sugar and weight up by having lots of low fiber sugary snacks like the usual gluten free snack bars (KIND, Lara Bars, Tropical Organics, Clandestino) and started to add sticky rice to my diet. But they didn't seem to help much and one of my questions is if snacks outside of full balanced meals really help stabilize energy. It's not really clear if they actually create the sugar roller coaster since they will be sugars combined with fat & protein like doctor's suggest but I definitely think they do. Of course it seems kinda obvious but I'm trying to stay as detached & rational like a scientist as possible because I still haven't gotten my stomach to "normal" in years. I've noticed going through the crash before sometimes actually really helps but I've been trying to cut at the root of the problem all together. Yesterday I had lunch then went out to mess around town before work & ended up fooling around too much and went to work without getting another lunch/early dinner in (DAMMIT!!). Of course I crashed and in general felt lousy at times. Then I came home so tired that I just went straight to bed. This morning I actually felt much much better and actually ate breakfast because of hunger rather than feeling dizzy/weak which seems like my new hunger indicator. My stomach was far less painful & bloated and all the lumps seemed to move lower in my intestines & also feel less feverish. Not that I plan doing that again very often if at all but I just wonder if trying to avoid the crash over & over is the worst choice. For awhile I was eating more fibrous carbs like baby potatoes (seem to go down easier) and quinoa but that ended up causing too much pain & even drowsiness too. My normal meals have a decent amount of fat protein & veggies just not enough starch anymore. It's really hard to win.
  2. Brain fog has always been a problem but lately it's been getting out of control. I haven't felt incredibly normal and symptom free for awhile but lately it seems like I went from a sniffly sinus infection with somewhat puffy eyes (plant allergies?) to occasional to frequent dizziness to now where I feel really REALLY stupid & spacey. Extra rest, de-stressing, leafy greens, more eggs, isotonic drinks, stricter watch on my food for cc, etc hasn't done much to stop it and I might see my doctor if it really gets worse and or doesn't clear up any soon. Head is so spacey and.... uh..... whatnot that it really is making me sad and worried. Like I'm too slow and confused to deal with normal crap anymore. On a side note my stomach has been refusing to "go back" and it feels like a huge block of something has been in my intestines at my left hip for awhile now. Won't go away even if I go a lot. My sleep has been odd too. Of course everyone sleeps in at some point, but I've been doing it so often now. My alarm will go off @ 7:30 then next thing I know I'll be up at 9 or even 10:15 like today. I RARELY ever wake up over 20 minutes late unless I wanted to sleep in.
  3. Now that you've put it that way I should probably get it checked again and look into it. I've gone through MONTHS of spacey/cloudy thoughts, weakness, and fatigue that get interrupted by some "normal". I'll feel so much better that I'll wonder how I even put up with all that for so long. But the sublingual tabs don't really help much and lead me to think something else is wrong rather than B12.
  4. Gluten free/dairy free & struggling with figuring out diet for around 7 years. I live at home right now and since it's been so damned hot I keep needing something cool to drink. Mostly I drink water but I've been having my mom's Fuze Slenderize too because cool water doesn't always cut it. Well trying to help out I went ahead and bought an armful of different flavors so she had some (I destroyed them all) and I could have some too. But when I went to drink one, I looked at the bottle and noticed it had milk in it and wasn't the slenderize version at all. Then I remembered that the other day I drank some guava version (it's another milk version) completely oblivious to the milk thing and thought it was great. Don't really remember getting sick or anything or feeling weirder than usual (typical dizziness & periods of hypoglycemia which I haven't solved), have done all right at my job which is physically intense, and feel not so bad right now. I'm kind of considering trying to drink this colada thing and trying but I have to work all day in front of a crowd tomorrow so just in case maybe I should wait. Anyway if it's true, that is so awesome. I've always completely avoided milk, but knew it wasn't that plague like gluten. Even if I'm not intolerant anymore there won't be cheese and ice cream stuffed all over my fridge tomorrow because it's been so long my body isn't even interested in it anymore. Yogurt is probably the only thing I miss but not that much. Actually I feel really excited and great right now but still will wait. No matter if it's toe jam, it's nice to have one less allergen/intolerance to keep checking for all the time.
  5. I've read that celiac covers all grains and the gluten diagnosis has been a mistake. Remember that quinoa and buckwheat aren't grains. BTW be careful about FODMAP, SCD, GAPS and the like. While the information there may be helpful, my avoiding of any minor disturbance backed me into a no carb corner. From there it seemed like my body started to really shut down from the lack of carbs and will test adding them back in right now.
  6. Do you get enough carbs? I've been struggling with this problem for a long time and now think maybe I am just running myself into a wall by following "healing diets" that are low carb. It's only been a few days but I think adding in quinoa, potatoes, buckwheat, plantains, more fruit and all that will help bring my energy back. No matter how much I thought protein & fat would win out, I still never had the energy needed to manage work, gym, & life at the same time.
  7. Yeah I've been having a lot of fat. Especially with the bone broths. Though I hope my diet can balance out, and soon I can drag down both the meat and fat to make room for carbs. I'm remaining unattached to both GAPS and 180degreehealth but a blend of the two seems promising. The latter says that reactive hypoglycemia comes specifically from either avoiding carbohydrates or having refined grain/sugar. According to him, continuing to add healthy starch like a potato despite any set backs will help re-establish your metabolism which will go on to stabilize the hypo/hyperglycemia.
  8. I had my appointment but he doesn't feel that I needed a blood test and upcoming work won't let me have one until next Wednesday anyway (can always call to order it then). Since then I've done a lot of research, a whole lot of thinking, read the GAPS book, implemented some GAPS intro, read a lot of the 180degree health blog, thought about salicylic acid, thought about fructose, got pissed with so much conflicting info, then just tried my best to add everything up. I'm starting to think that I just flat out need carbs. Being very active for most of the week anyway, and a male, I payed attention who was tauting what. Was it a normal mom? Neurotic bodybuilder? New Age hippie? Whatever the case, I was looking on the GAPS Yahoo group for criticism to make sure I had enough information on it and someone pointed out that of course the intro is going to make you feel like crap because of the lack of carbs/energy. She linked to the 180 degree health thing and he talks all about low carb/gluten free/fructose/etc... and how this low carbing might make you feel great at first with the increase in adrenaline but how overall it leads to a low metabolism resulting in the symptoms most of us have. Which I'm very very familiar with. My super healthy no grain, no this & that diet sometimes works but overall I've been hitting a wall and experiencing all kinds of bad symptoms. Including the main ones right now which are continued bloating, a kind of puffiness, feel stupid (hard to think!!), incredible weakness, and my weight STILL keeps dropping no matter how much schmaltzy soup I keep eating. GAPS has some truths behind it, but I'm not sure continuing to suffer like this is going to help. The next step was trying to find a low fructose carb source that also doesn't have much added sugar. All I can come up with right now are potatoes. I'll probably pick some up later and see about working them into my diet. I do know a bit of carbs here and there were doing me wonders that last time I reached stasis. It's just been a big ***** ever since finding something that doesn't incapacitate me. Though the choices I had been trying to work in for the last year did contain some sugar or fructose so I'm really hoping that this new idea will work.
  9. ADD

    I'm going to check out GAPS to help combat ADD. The lady behind GAPS associates stomach problems with ADD and I've felt the same way. Going on Adderall has made a big difference in my quality of life, but I think now is the time to switch to XR because the instant releases seem to be contributing to my ups and downs in energy sometimes mood, or even might be the cause since this new generic seems to wear off so quick. I've struggled with depression in the past too, sometimes VERY severe, but never went on meds until now. Though psychedelic stimulants (not recommending them, just saying) and now the adderall have helped me keep focused. Sometimes I do get sad again but starting a career has been a big boost. Though I suspect using GAPS do reestablish my gut flora is going to best course of action long term. If my digestive issues remain, even though I might not hit such deep lows with my mood, my energy or ambition might still dip and make me feel crappy. Getting in balance should help this not be so random and/or tedious (want to be just tired not half dead!), and give a lot more vibrancy to pull from. BTW don't just jump into adderall because I like it.
  10. All right, well I'm still waiting on the doctor's appointment which is the Monday after next. Until then I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the GAPS diet and figure how I can incorporate it. So far I've picked up Sunja's Kimchi yesterday to at least start working in the fermented foods. Might be a coincidence but already I had quite a good morning!! Every morning I feel like a dehydrated skeleton and am usually incredibly woozy until breakfast, but this one was at least 60% better. (TMI) Also I have been going to the bathroom a bunch and they seem far more normal than they've been for weeks. Much easier and much more comfortable than scarfing down 2400mg (Yup! Worked my way up a pill at a time) of Magnesium pills that either will do nothing or a real piss poor job. On the downside it is making me a little dizzy to empty so much but the slight discomfort is a HUGE relief from the cramped stomach, corrupted posture, & headaches that come with being blocked up. I just hope it tones down tonight because my work is going to be very long and intense. Oh I forgot! The Sunja's kimchi doesn't have a lot of excess water and I wonder if it would make sense to dump some spring water (tap kills it, right? Or other way around?) to make it nice and soupy again. You see, my ADHD has been flaring up like crazy for the past month as well and I've been pretty scatter brained and even talking with all these doggone run on sentences like this. I'll address that with the doctor, but am hoping GAPS will give me a hand too. See I even screwed up that last update too by deleting the whole thing & gave up trying to remember it all.
  11. sounds like you eat a lot but are always hungry & weak, maybe shaky, maybe dizzy??? please get your thyroid checked. Yep! For sure, and it can get to the point where it's flat out embarrassing. I'll definitely get something set up with my doctor soon. As for the agave, I'll consider trying it again but vaguely remembering something being wrong with both it and tequila. EDIT: I looked up diabetes type 1 symptoms and on that particular website I had like 98% of them. I've sort of suspected this before but am the type that tries to treat things myself and keep it at a holistic/grassroots sort of thing. But obviously now would be the time to just get some help. Especially since my feet are getting blue more often & nothing really has helped yet! What I've really been afraid of are the medications and what they'll do, but now I see that things can be taken one step at a time and at least getting tested will help. But I'll be damned if they zap my thyroid!!
  12. I try but don't particularly pay attention to how much. Most meals are a big bowl full of veggies with a chunk of meat on top, and only protein drinks are eaten without a vegetable to go with it. I know I could do better but it's hard with your usual market fare. Chinese markets have a lot more variety but they are too far to go to regularly. Even frozen veggies (which I usually subsist on) seem like the same 6 things in 50 different combinations with gluten or cheese thrown in many of them just for kicks.
  13. Thanks for the pointers, but I already eat a ton of protein. Lots and lots. Up to like 1lb to 2lbs a day of lean meat, and maybe a protein shake on top of that. Nuts, sometimes, but again too many will make me sick. My metabolism is very high, but my digestion can't keep up. So the amount of nuts I can normally have before everything starts going south is usually not enough.
  14. Carb intake is my major enemy in having a quality life. Trying to get in a proper amount while keeping symptom free has been a massive headache for years and it's finally getting better but I'm still kind of clueless how to maintain some kind of stability. When I start doing whatever it is (running out of glucose? glucose getting trapped in the blood stream?) I start getting really tired, irritable, sore & fairly immobile, and very depressed. Then if I eat and can digest the right carb everything clears up almost immediately and I'm a completely normal vibrant young man again. It's a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde kind of thing and I KNOW for a fact it's the blood sugar or something really close. The big problem is that it doesn't always work and sometimes it will just make me sick. Luckily, scarfing down 5 Kind Bars yesterday did the trick. But they don't always work and I find it frustrating to have my carbs come from something like a bunch of health food bars or a big bottle of tea saturated with honey while other people just do the obvious thing and have a good carb with every meal. I've tried a LOT of different things and will give a list hoping that someone sees a pattern: All grains are out. Brown rice & oats were making me sicker than a dog and literally forming bricks in my stomach. Normal rice is pretty much the same but I might try it out in very small amounts again. To me anyway, it's a joke when people call brown rice a health food. Yams, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and squash (except zucchini) usually dry me out, make me sweat, stink, and make me feel bloated. Normal potatoes are no good for me. Bananas are sometimes fine but sometimes make me constipated and kill my joints. Apples are sort of the same but they usually make me extremely hot and too hyper. Strawberries burn my stomach too much, but blueberries & blackberries are sometimes okay if they don't make me too bloated. Dates & figs are also pretty unpredictable, and are more likely than the other fruits to cause what I think is a candida flare up. Lara Bars (mostly dates) almost always flare me up. All beans make me impossibly tired and constipated for a long time. Honey sometimes does pretty good, sometimes dries me out, but is just a strange ingredient to live on. Taking digestive enzymes & a regular probiotic with any of these doesn't seem to have much effect. It all seems to boil down to how much energy is devoted to my digestive system or maybe my gut flora needs more balance. I'll regularly eat peas and carrots but these don't seem to be enough to fuel any kind of hard labor. There was a period where I worked my way up, and my energy was stable for like three weeks (seemed like heaven) but I just can't seem to find out what I did which is really frustrating. I've been so desperate to get back to a normal balance (of course we all are) and that's get very important now with the start of my career.
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