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  1. I've been gluten free since this December. Those symptoms sound pretty correct. I put myself on pancreatin, you can buy it online. I take it to help bring down the bloating which seems more of an issue some days than others.
  2. Could it be the combination between sugar and fiber? Usually I get about 30g of fiber a day. But I stick to a low-carb diet for well-being reasons. So I never consume things like potatoes (upsets me), brown rice (upsets me), and of course figs on a regular basis. I wonder if maybe my stomach...
  3. I don't understand why, especially because I can eat other things higher in fiber just fine. But whenever I have handful of prunes or figs (dried) they knot up in my stomach and cause serious bloating and terrible gas. Which is awful because I love them, even if figs taste a little funny sometimes...