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I went gluten free 7 months ago, and symptoms went away almost immediately. Lactose free for a while but have been slowly bringing it back. In the past, i have felt dizzy from time to time, but lately almost dailly. Fingers and toes have begun tingling and numbness in toes for the past 3 weeks. left calf and knee are sore alot. went and had blood work done B-12 was normal, Iron was high, hemoglobin count was high. ANA positive,Range negative? at blood test, Speckled titer 1:40( WHatever all of this means ). Have been taking b-12 supplements and Multi's (without iron) all along. Never officially diagnosed other than elimination diet confirmation.

Am i still getting gluten somehow? i have had eggs at resturaunts here and there over the last month. Can and does gluten cause tingling and numbness even without a b-12 deficiency?

I'm nervous and frustrated. I may need a new doctor who gets it. they told me to come back next month, for more blood work and office visits. I could sure use some guidance, thanks...

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if you were taking the B12 up till the time of the testing, the results are not accurate.....about the iron, try looking up "iron storage diseases"

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