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My bloodtest came out Negative...however I was off gluten for 6 weeks, not knowing you had to be on it. My doctor said go back onto Gluten and take it again. Feeling great for 6 weeks...had three pieces of pizza 2 days ago and now have the runs from hell and my stomach hurts...Anyway, my question is: I know you should be on gluten for three months before the biopsy..what about the bloodwork? Would a week be fine? Or can I just go and eat wheat pasta and a hoagie 1 to 2 days before the bloodwork???

Thanks guys.

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People have differing opinions about eating gluten just because their Dr wants to confirm his diagnosis. Some do it but many of us don't want to become ill again so refuse. When my blood tests came back they showed elevated alpha gliadin but a negative tissue transglutaminase. This confused my Dr but I felt so much better even after a week on the gluten-free diet I decided to have the genetic test done. The lab I used, not the one advertized at Celiac.com, showed I was DQ2/DQ2 and had a high risk of developing celiac disease. That was enough confirmation for me, I had the symptoms, did better on a gluten-free diet and will be gluten-free for the rest of my life. This lab also offers fecal tests for the antibodies which are much more sensitive than the blood tests, and fecal tests for food allergies and to assess the maladsorbtion problem. Dr. Fine who runs this lab has Celiac Disease and is considered an authority on celiac disease.

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