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I'm Not Sure What Is Wrong With Me

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I am a 50 year old Type 1 diabetic who recently had a colonoscopy done. No previous symptoms, but my aunt died of colon cancer, so when I turned 50 I thought it was time to have one done. Found I had a diverticulum, Doctor said to come back in 10 years. However, ever since the cleaning out I've had irregular bowel movements, including oily stool. No other symptoms except frequent BM's, oily stool and loss of weight. I am only 94lbs now, so I can't afford to loose weight. I went back the colonoscopy doctor after having these symptoms since late March. They asked for testing on my stool, which I haven't heard back on yet. I don't go to a primary till the end of June, so I did a little on line research and have been experimenting with the possibility of celiac disease. No pain, no nausea. When I read a little about it I thought I would try eliminating wheat from my diet and low and behold it cleared up for 4 days. So I immediately thought that's what it is. However, now I'm starting back with the oily stool and diarrhea. So, I'm lost for what it might be. I just think it's strange that I had no symptoms before the colonoscopy and now my bowel is horribly messed up. I think I eat pretty healthy. Any suggestions or similarities?

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