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I made a very bad decision at work today and decided to have a donut. Within an hour I was feeling sick. Within two hours I was throwing up in my car on the way home. Arrived home and laid in bed for a half hour before tossing out of both ends again. Tossed one more time and after 3 and a half hours I am finally feeling better! I am sure it's all due to God because I prayed for his help and told him I finally understand that there is to be NO WHEAT in my life. I am sure I am one of the fortunate ones by only feeling the wrath (is that the right word) for three and a half hours. LESSON LEARNED!

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okay, but the immune response from glutening lasts longer, up to four months.

That said, you are fortunate to have lots of symtoms from glutening, as the hidden dammage is worse. Lots and lots of celiacs cheat and many of them only have slight or no outward symptoms but the immune system gets triggered (Tcells etc) and many celiacs have other autoimmune illnesses from the gluten they ate the years before diagnosis.

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