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Severe Mental Symptoms

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I just wonder if there is another way (nutritional or otherwise) to relieve the depression before i take prescription drugs.....I've heard that an unhealthy gut depletes our B-complex count, which is wholly related to depression and mental clarity...

I know the string of topics is going somewhere else, but I wanted to comment on the B-vitamin thing. I've just recently been diagnosed, but my doctor is a celiac disease specialist and actually has the disease himself. One of my worst symptoms was the brainfog. I am an artist/writer, and I couldn't concentrate to read more than a page or work on my art for more than twenty or thirty minutes (which lead to depression too but because I couldn't do the things I love most). My doctor said that brain fog was also one of his most troubling and persistant problems. He prescribed me B-vitamin shots (folic acid, B-1, and B-12 I think, not sure, I'd have to check). I give these to myself with an insulin type needle twice a week (it's really not bad at all once you get over the idea of sticking yourself). Plus he prescribed me a low dosage of ritalin.

He said the treatment isn't very well recognized by the medical community, and he himself wouldn't have believed it until he tried it. In just a month, I've gone from about 40-50% brain power to 70-80% or even better on good days. There's something about the high concentration of the vitamin you get in a shot that makes it bind to the receptors in your brain. Just taking a supplement doesn't cut it because B vitamins leave the body really quickly and the concentration won't get high enough to bind. The improvement I've seen in such a short time (even before I started taking the ritalin) is enough to make a believer out of me.

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Thank you printmaker81!

i hope yuo dont mind me emailing you personally...

Thanks for the Vitamin B-12 advice..its comforting to hera that someone was able to find a solution to depression/apathy/fog from a nutritional supplement!

How about loss of sense of taste and smell....is that a zinc deficiency? how is that related to celiac disease??

thanks again,


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I don't mind at all. If anyone else reading this thread has specific questions, they should feel free to email me too. We're all sort of in this together. :D

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