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Affordable Testing Options

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My older sister and I have both been on a gluten free diet for five years now. we were diagnosed without a definitive town because out GP was not very educated about celiac. he recognized that we had similar symptoms, they fit with celiac, and the gluten free diet did wonders for our health. i am wanting to do a celiac test just to certain because more research leads me to believe that in the unlikely chance that the diagnosis was wrong, there may be another problem laying dormant in me.

now my real question here is actually this. my twin sister had never had issues until about three months ago. not going to be too graphic because it is not my body but her symptoms sound mostly gastrointestinal. some constipation, then every few days a lose stool with lots of cramps, bloating, and nausea. then after she uses the bathroom she feels a little bit better. she has also put on about twenty pounds in three months (and has ruled out pregnancy and cut out dairy). since both of us have been gluten free she wonders if she should try it. she doesnt have any insurance. is there an affordable way to test? it could be through a doctor if they wont charge large amounts of money for both consult and test. but probably the better option would be an in home test if there are affordable options... does anyone have any helpful info i can pass along to her? or at least a place to get started? i recommended an enzyme for digestion improvement and a food diary to help in case she does see a dr. any other help is appreciated. thanks in advance everyone!

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