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Help With Lab Results

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My 14 month old had labs done, I was told he is IGA deficient and the celiac tests are negative becasue he is IGA deficient.

I picked up a copy of the labs today and i have no idea what they mean..if anyone could explain anything, it would be appreciated.

Gliadin IGG/IGA ab Prof, EIA

Deamidated Gliadin ABS, IGA results: 1 unit

Deamidated Gliadon Abs, IGG 2 units

Endomysial Antibody IGA Negative

T-Transglutaminase (ttg) IGA

t-Transglutaminase IGA <2

IGA Subclass 1 32.8L Limits 58.2-263.5

Done by Labcorp

The ranges are 0-19 negative

20-30 weak positive

20-30 moderate to strong

My biggest questions are: is negative mean you have it...what is IGA subclass 1?

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It would appear that the IGA subclass 1 is what I have always seen referred to as the total serum IGA. His was 32.8 where normal is 58.2 to 263.5, therefore he is IGA deficient, meaning he does not make the normal levels of antibodies. This means that all the IGA tests are meaningless - the negative levels on these tests are irrelevant.


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