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Penny Chocolates & Gelato : Anyone Eaten Here?

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I'm new to the gluten free diet, and I was wondering if anybody has experience with Penny Chocolates & Gelato in Fairfax, VA. It's a small business, so I doubt many have heard of it. The owner says there's really no reason there should be gluten in the gelato, aside from those with cookie pieces, etc. The gelato is made separately from the baked goods, and is made with all-natural ingredients (i.e., the pistachio flavor is made with real pistachios, milk, cream, sugar--no "flavoring agents), and oh my gosh, I don't think I've ever had anything so delicious as the gelato here.

The problem is, I don't know enough about how my body responds to gluten to be able to know if I'm still gluten free after eating there. I was hoping maybe a few people who read this forum might have experience with this place? I would LOVE to be able to go more often, and if it is in fact gluten free, it would be another place for the gluten-free community to go.

Thanks so much for your feedback :)

Gluten free since January 12, 2011

Significant improvement in migraines, not-quite-narcolepsy, stomach issues and brain fog.

Hoping for improvement in absorbing thyroid meds.

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