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Help With Biopsy/lab Numbers

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I'm fairly new to the boards. My son Samuel (16months) was recently diagnosed with Celiac. Would you let me know what you think of these lab/biopsy numbers? They've told me that he's quite nutritionally deprived, but I'm wondering just how low these are. I've listed his result first in bold and then the range average.

Disaccharidase Lactase 1.3 -- range 24.5 abnormal <15.0

Sucrase Tissue 20.4 --- range 54.4 abnormal <25.0

Maltase 80.9 -- range 160.8 abnormal <100.0

Palatinase Tissue 4.5 -- range 11.1 abnormal <5.0

Obviously he's low -- does he need extra supplementation? Or is this a normal and typically low. Finally, how long do you think it will take to get these values up?

Thanks so much!

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