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Could Celiac Have Caused Late Puberty And Lack Of Breast Tissue ?

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Hi everyone,

I wrote my first post yesterday and am currently in the process of trying to get my doctor to test me for celiac, the more I read the more convinced I am that I could have celiac disease and the more curious I become.

Im just wondering if celiac disease (if undiagnosed and untreated from childhood) could lead to late onset of puberty? I didnt begins my periods till I was almost 15 (they are now completely regular, I'm almost 21) however still to this day I've never developed any breast tissue what so ever. I'm not suggesting that I'm 'flat chested' or that i have small breasts, I literally have no breast tissue at all!

No doctor or specialist has ever been able to explain why.

Could this in any way be related to celiac disease?

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I don't know about celiac causing it, but how tall are you? Someone who has mosaic Turner Syndrome might go through puberty late and have no breast development, and be at high risk for developing celiac as well.

If you want to read about TS, this is a good place to start.


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