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So Far.......so....weird?

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I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago by my new internist. She actually LISTENED to my loooooong history and immediately said "I'm going to test you for Celiac/Sprue." Came back positive and I am now on a gluten free adventure!

Talk about being misdiagnosed for years? I will be 72 years old in a few weeks and have been sick much of my life!!!!

Hindsight is 20/20.

Thanks for all the support and answers I've already found on this site! I'll be around a lot!

Gentle hugs around the room!

Mary Ellen

Welcome Mary Ellen - You win the prize for longest misdiagnosed years I think. WOW thought 53 was a long time. Anyway welcome to the journey may the rest of your years be pleasant and pain free!!

Food allergies to fish, seafood, tree nuts, aspartame(Equal),flax seed, and many drugs RE-TESTED ALL FOOD ALLERGIES IN JUNE 2015 AND THEY ARE ALL NEGATIVE NOW!  TIME TO RE-INTRODUCE FISH AND NUTS!!! 
Stomach issues since childhood
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) age 6-44
Diabetes age 44 to present now going back to Hypoglycemia since gluten free.
Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 and it's gone now that I'm aspartame and gluten free. c
Celiac disease- negative test in 2009, positive tests in Nov. 2010
Gluten free started 11/08/2010
Genetic tests positive- DQ2, positive -DQ6 (?) negative- DQ8 11/15/2010 

Hyperthyroid 2013 - benign tumors and entire thyroid removed

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