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So Far.......so....weird?

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I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago by my new internist. She actually LISTENED to my loooooong history and immediately said "I'm going to test you for Celiac/Sprue." Came back positive and I am now on a gluten free adventure!

Talk about being misdiagnosed for years? I will be 72 years old in a few weeks and have been sick much of my life!!!!

Hindsight is 20/20.

Thanks for all the support and answers I've already found on this site! I'll be around a lot!

Gentle hugs around the room!

Mary Ellen

Welcome Mary Ellen - You win the prize for longest misdiagnosed years I think. WOW thought 53 was a long time. Anyway welcome to the journey may the rest of your years be pleasant and pain free!!

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