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After All These Years.....it Was Gluten!?

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Hi Everyone,

I wrote last week...about how I was diagnosed with MS, had B-12 deficiency and monthly shots for 10 years, wrote 2 books about MS..was on the Montel Williams show....gave lectures across the country....etc. etc.

I've had asthma, reflux, fatigue, neurological problems...etc.. and have spent thousands of dollars and hours, directed my life in a certain way....you know the story.

I am just floored by all of this. It's like learning at 48 years old that you were adopted.

I knew something else was wrong with me....and after all of that....this is what it is? Gluten? I hate that word! It's not even a good word! How could it all be as simple as gluten? I know I sound like a crazy lady, but you have to understand what I've been through.

My period came back today! I thought I must have been in menopause for the last two years...even though I was still on the young side. My life is coming back to me--slowly but surely--day by day.

Has anyone else had this life changing reaction to the knowledge that they are gluten sensitive?

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Yes! You're not crazy at all!

I'm so happy to see that you are regaining your life! There is much ahead of you :)

I'm in my teens, and even though my life has been 'short', discovering that gluten was behind my problems (and my family's!) was like being re-birthed, after a DEEP sense of betrayal and mistrust for the entire world, like discovering you were adopted, as you put it. A complete shock! I was literally obsessed with gluten-knowledge for 2 straight months and my family actually avoided me because I simply could not stop talking about it. I felt I needed to emotionally release this. That stage is over... And after months I've finally come to accept it (Well, I do still get angry when I see people suffering from something so simple.) I even think that it would have been highly beneficial to go to therapy during this time.

The emotional aspect of the revelation will be amplified if you have nobody who believes you or wants to hear about it. If you can find a gluten-free group (they have some on Meetup.com) or something like that, It would be very helpful if you do not have others who understand. Or of course, this forum :) I was a celiac forum addict for a month

It is very life changing and such a shock! I mean, it can change the entire direction of your life, your entire perception of what it feels like to be human, of the world around you! No you are not crazy at all..!

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