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Prudential Center Newark, Nj

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Went to the Rangers / Devils game last night. I was on the hunt for some Red Bridge as I had read on their Facebook page that it was now in the Rock. This was the only frustrated part as I was seated in the mezzanine and walked completely around the mezz before I headed down to the main level. As I was stalking each stand, (I hate to ask as you usually get that look like you have three heads) low and behold I see Glutino gluten-free pretzels at a stand. So I then notice in the fridge the Red Bridge. I was so focused on the beer that I did not notice the entire stand said GLUTEN FREE above it. The women working the stand informs me they have gluten-free rolls for the hot dogs as well. So my response is "I'll have one of those as well". It is outside sections 5/6 on the lower level and the woman working the stand said it is always in the same spot.

It was great to sit back and enjoy a hot dog and a beer at a sporting event.

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