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  1. I have never seen the normal PB cups list wheat in their ingredients. The whole issue with these is in the past is some of the seasonal shaped (Christmas trees / Easter Eggs etc) have had wheat in them. However, recently I have not even come across those either. I always read the labels on the...
  2. I agree that the meetings are very important.
  3. You can do the online for tracking and still go to the meetings.
  4. Panzones and Calabria near Beach Have had gluten-free pizza last year. Hope they continued it. Haven't gone there this season as it just started. Buckalews in Beach Haven as well has a gluten-free menu. The gluten-free crab cakes at Boulevard Clams are very good. But pricey.
  5. trader joes does not freeze their Udi's breads and rolls where most other stores I have bought them in do.
  6. Wegmans in Woodbrige, NJ now has New Planet (all three varieties) Had one last night and it was very sweet. Have to have a oouple more to fcrmed an opinion.
  7. The confusion with the holiday candies is the Resses Peanut Butter cups holiday version have contained wheat in the past. Recently, I have not noticed that and they have been OK. The overall problem with Hershey from what I have read here is they don't guarantee the food to be gluten-free due...
  8. I have had them and never had a reaction. May I ask what a Mexican Coke is?
  9. Before you come on here with your CAPS and your exclamation points please check your facts and read the entire thread. There have been some peanut butter cups that are not G.F in the past. They were the special holiday ones for Halloween and / or Easter. They may have changed for this year but...
  10. There is always confusion with these since some of the special holiday shaped Reese's are not gluten free. I hope that this was the case with the person you spoke with. According to the packaging I have never saw a regular Reese Peanut Butter Cup that was not gluten-free. Or they could have changed...
  11. General Mills OK - it has the CYA of it may contan wheat but other than that can you see anything that is prohibitted. You just have to follow this link and click on Reese Puffs. They must have taken the malt out of the recipe because I always thought this was no good.
  12. Greenhouse Cafe has gluten-free rolls, pasta & I think pizza. I got a bacon egg and cheese on a gluten-free roll and it was great. Plantation Restaurant has a gluten-free menu but I haven't been there. Pangaea Naturals Health Food Market - on Rt 72 East has a lot of gluten-free products...
  13. Sorry you body will not let you indulge. In a previous post I had listed the "no gluten in distilled alcohol" as a theory but I was quickly corrected by other poster's that it is a fact. I guess everyone's body is different so as the previous poster stated be cautious.